Ghosts of Portables Past

portablespastripHave an old project kicking around that is haunting both you and your workbench? Finish it off with a silver solder bullet directly into it’s heart and participate in our Month Long Ghosts of Portables Past event!

Atari Jaguar Audio/Video Cable I: Composite Video

As Summer winds down to an end, time to clear out the backlog of projects that are in queue for the Summer before the dreaded Back to School season. Debatably more fun than Orthogonal Functions or solving Matrices by hand, let’s DO THE MATH with the Atari Jaguar and make our own Composite/S-Video combo cable.

Nintendo P-NES MarkIII-S


3D Printing extrudes it’s way into PortablesofDoom

IMAG0284_1…and other terrible, unforgivable puns, but 3DPrinting hits PortablesofDoom! The Up! Mini 3D Printer was purchased for the shop; a consumer level, fully assembled “Ready to Print out of the box” 3D Printer! (more…)

FEATURED: LoveableChevy’s HandyPNP

hpnp1In the inaugural Featured article looking at Projects and Portables from around the internet, we have Loveablechevy’s latest portable the HandyPNP; a multiconsole system which turns a large collection of plugnplay consoles into dedicated game carts for use in a base console design.

Suggest a Build for our next installment in the Featured Series

Welcome to our featured series, where we take a look at user created portables and video game related projects made by other portablizers from around the internet. Do you have or know of a project you want us to cover? Let us know!

PortablesofDoom on Spooky Pinball Podcast #50

spookypodCheck out our quick interview featured in the Spooky Pinball Podcast, live from Midwest Gaming Classic! Charlie Emery of Spooky Pinball stopped by our event space Friday night during his tour of the MGC for the “Golden” Episode of the Spooky Pinball Podcast. (more…)

Sega Nomad Mods III: The easiest region mod ever!

nomad3Like Japanese Mega-Drive games?

Totally lack soldering skills?


The Sega Nomad, like it’s big brother the Genesis, is almost completely region free!

Trouble is, the Japanese Mega-Drive games don’t really fit the cart slot too well…

So what’s the solution? (more…)

How to install your NES 2 A/V mod

A helpful, step by step guide with lovingly hand drawn illustrations and photographs by your friend Triton. Now If you’re viewing this article, you’ve read the back of the business card that you received when you purchased the NES A/V mod kit from us, or followed along in the NES AV Mod Part I: Building guide and made your own. Ready to continue your journey to better video output quality on your Toploader NES?

Sega Nomad Mods II: Internal Battery

nomadmod00We’ve seen the LCD mod and how beautiful a thing it is, as well as how much it improves the power consumption of the Nomad. So with this new-found efficiency and visibility, what more could you want? Why, a power source that doesn’t create clutter, that’s what! Here, we’re going to demonstrate how to install a permanent set of internal batteries and forever eliminate the need for a clunky wall-wart or an ugly tumor of a battery pack jutting out the back.