3D Printing extrudes it’s way into PortablesofDoom

IMAG0284_1…and other terrible, unforgivable puns, but 3DPrinting hits PortablesofDoom! The Up! Mini 3D Printer was purchased for the shop; a consumer level, fully assembled “Ready to Print out of the box” 3D Printer! (more…)

PortablesofDoom on Spooky Pinball Podcast #50

spookypodCheck out our quick interview featured in the Spooky Pinball Podcast, live from Midwest Gaming Classic! Charlie Emery of Spooky Pinball stopped by our event space Friday night during his tour of the MGC for the “Golden” Episode of the Spooky Pinball Podcast. (more…)

Sega Nomad Mods III: The easiest region mod ever!

nomad3Like Japanese Mega-Drive games?

Totally lack soldering skills?


The Sega Nomad, like it’s big brother the Genesis, is almost completely region free!

Trouble is, the Japanese Mega-Drive games don’t really fit the cart slot too well…

So what’s the solution? (more…)

How to install your NES 2 A/V mod

A helpful, step by step guide with lovingly hand drawn illustrations and photographs by your friend Triton. Now If you’re viewing this article, you’ve read the back of the business card that you received when you purchased the NES A/V mod kit from us, or followed along in the NES AV Mod Part I: Building guide and made your own. Ready to continue your journey to better video output quality on your Toploader NES?

Sega Nomad Mods II: Internal Battery

nomadmod00We’ve seen the LCD mod and how beautiful a thing it is, as well as how much it improves the power consumption of the Nomad. So with this new-found efficiency and visibility, what more could you want? Why, a power source that doesn’t create clutter, that’s what! Here, we’re going to demonstrate how to install a permanent set of internal batteries and forever eliminate the need for a clunky wall-wart or an ugly tumor of a battery pack jutting out the back.

Sega Nomad Mods I: New LCD Screen

beforeafterUp first in our series of Sega Nomad Mods is a new LCD screen.  The stock Nomad screen, while better than the screen featured on the Sega Gamegear (which isn’t saying much, really), it was still a blurry, washed out mess. Thankfully, we have arrived onto the future and screen technology is vastly improved, cheaper, and widely available. Let’s get started!


NES2 (Toploader) A/V mods @MGC

Thats right, The AV mods featured in my article right here will be available for purchase at the Midwest Gaming Classic this April 12th and 13th! this mod is pretty easy to build yourself, but I’ve gone and made it even easier by providing the kit pre-wired and assembled, with step by step directions on how to install the board in your NES. Price for the basic kit will be $20.00, or $40.00 installed.  Add a power LED for only $5.00 more! I will be accepting cash and credit/debit at the show! see you there!

NES 2 Toploader A/V mod

Thats right Boys and Girls,  Toploader NES A/V mods! Get all the benefits of the  NES-101 (It actually works when you put a game in!) with none of the drawbacks! sporting a sleek stylish 3.5mm phono jack for composite video output and mono sound, and now with 100% more power LED. More info on the mod and some pretty pictures after the jump.


Your Favorite Games, now directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Waht a TwistM. Night Shymalan has been signed onto the Warner Home Video studios to direct the next trio of Batman games, as reported by TMZ.com. The next game, due out in 2015, called Batman: Arkham’s Argo, Batman goes undercover as Bruce Wayne to scout Commercially Zoned land for sale in the outskirts of Gotham in attempt to expand the Wayne Enterprises Empire, but secretly looking for the location of a new Batcave. How would the Video game landscape change if Shymalan directed other video game franchises? We investigate in this PortablesofDoom exclusive.


PortablesOfDoom at Midwest Gaming Classic 2014

MGC-BannerLogoSmImagine a normal hotel filled to capacity with everything Video Game related. Hundreds of Pinball and Arcade Machines on Free Play, just about every console released set up for display, tournaments, LAN matches, cosplay, live gaming podcasts, guest speakers and presentations, and a huge vendor area. That is the Midwest Gaming Classic! (more…)