…and other terrible, unforgivable puns, but 3D Printing hits PortablesofDoom! The Up! Mini 3D Printer was purchased for the PoD Shop Office and Worldwide Headquarters (aka my house); a consumer level, fully assembled “Ready to Print out of the box” 3D Printer! The Mini is fully enclosed to keep prints from warping and to soften the smell (it’s burning plastic of course!) and it prints at a layer height of 200 microns (.2mm) while accepting both ABS and PLA finaments. Should be a great tool for make cases, case parts, toys, and etc. Let’s check it out!
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retrpodWelcome to the new Portables of Doom. Founded in early 2003, Abbibi vs. the Portables of Doom was set up as a information hub for console portables, featuring various projects, concepts, and guides in a conglomeration of many portable video game systems and the means of constructing them. Acting as a sister site to other portables of the time such as the original Benheck Atari VCSp, Tighe’s NESp, and Kevtris’ Portendo, PortablesofDoom contained valuable information on many areas of portablizing from motherboard sizes and trimming guides, voltages, and various pinouts for many consoles ranging from Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Gamecube.

As the years past, PortablesofDoom was phased out as more content rich forums and portables wiki guides had surfaced. Kept dormant though the years as a time capsule of an era pre-cellphone emulators, tablets, and clone systems, PortablesofDoom has now been relaunched with more news, projects, portables, console mods, creator interviews, and guides from here and around the internet. For those feeling nostalgic, the original PortablesofDoom site can be viewed in all it’s circa-2004 glory at



Operating CEO/Main Contributor/Social Media
Jason acquired PortablesofDoom from the old guard and relaunched the site as a need to send Convention Patrons to collective of projects and mods, rather than wading through forums of both past and present. Jason also handles the social media aspects of the site, running the Youtube and Twitter pages.


ZZ-Top Enthusiast

Co-Contributer/ZZ-Top Enthusiast

despite being cursed by a Likho.


Not just adopted into the Portable community, John was born in it, molded by it. He didn’t even see a commercial portable until he was a man. Most portables were created and decommissioned, or proof of concepts in the early days. Along with recent NES2 A/V Mods, John has been a moderator for several years in the days of the Benheck portable community, completed a GP2X upgrade, and has reached Duke Nukem Forever status on the production of the GBOsnes. In addition to contributions here, John has a Youtube Channel featuring past projects, technical oddities, and cars.

Developed by Atari Veteran Curt Vendel and his company Legacy Engineering the Atari flashback 2 launched in 2004, improving vastly over the original flashback and still a favorite among the retro Atari crowd today when compared to newer flashback iterations. Features included real Atari-on-a chip hardware, Classic Atari 2600 modes (difficulty switches, black & white), 40 built-in Atari 2600 games, original controller capability, and originally had plains to include a catridge slot to play additional Atari 2600 games. While the plans to include a cart slot at launch were eventually scrapped to meet the projected Holiday 2004 release date and to limit production costs, fortunately it is rather straightforward to add the slot yourself, with all the required solder points visibly noted on the board itself. Read More →

Up first in our continuing series of Sega Nomad Mods is adding in a new replacement LCD screen. The stock Nomad screen, while better than the screen featured on the Sega Gamegear (which isn’t saying much, really), it was still a blurry, washed out mess. Thankfully, we have arrived onto the future and screen technology is vastly improved, cheaper, and widely available. Let’s get started!
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