Your Favorite Games, now directed by M. Night Shyamalan

WAHT A TWEEST (April Fools)

M. Night Shymalan has been signed onto the Warner Home Video studios to direct the next trio of Batman games, as reported by The next game, due out in 2015, called Batman: Arkham’s Argo, Batman goes undercover as Bruce Wayne to scout Commercially Zoned land for sale in the outskirts of Gotham in attempt to expand the Wayne Enterprises Empire, but secretly looking for the location of a new Batcave. How would the Video game landscape change if Shymalan directed other video game franchises? We investigate in this PortablesofDoom exclusive.

Master Chief is really an alien!

The release of Duke Nukem Forever was so long because Nukem was unavailable for a period due to the temporary abolishment of US Bubble Gum Embargo Act from 1996-2011.

Donkey Kong’s chain of popular Night Clubs go bankrupt when Mario comes and “rescues” each of their highly paid, top performing dancers.

The plot of Half Life 3 is Gordon Freeman’s quest to become a Hollywood’s most prominent Voice Actor.

Someone strapped a bomb to Sonic and now if he goes faster than 50 miles an hour he will explode (still a better game than the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog).

You cannot properly progress though Super Mario Sunshine without completing Jet Grind Radio or Jet Set Radio Future first.

Mario and his friends battle their way through a strange land with unfamiliar monsters and vegetable projectiles for seemingly no reason, but it was all a dream! Wait a minute…

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