FEATURED: The Pikaboy, a Custom Pikachu Gameboy Color by e4i

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Today we will take a look at the AWESOME Custom Modded Pikachu Pokemon Edition Gameboy Color made by e4i, created for his girlfriend as a Christmas gift. A labor of love indeed, this custom Gameboy has gone full stop for the full Pokemon experience, adding in many Pikachu related features and even a Pokeball box to add to the mystique.


ABS Plastic Frankencased design
-Talking Pikachu when powered ON/OFF.
-Red LEDs for Pikachu’s cheeks.
-Handmade screen bezel.
-180° rotating tail.
-Feet for stand up position.
-Elevated Dpad, A & B buttons.
-Pokeball box.

The ears, hands, feet and tail are all created from sheets of abs, abs cement, and epoxy, with many hours of filling and sanding smooth. To compensate for the elevated area of the hands on the front of the Pikaboy, the dpad and buttons were slightly raised inside the case so the area of travel when playing would feel the same as on a stock Gameboy Color. The feet were placed so the Pikaboy could stand up for display, and the tail mounted to articulate from side to side at a full 180 degrees of motion.

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A custom bezel was created using a thin sheet of clear perspex, and the Pikaboy custom Gameboy Color logo and cheek graphics were designed in Photoshop and printed out on sticker paper, placed behind the perspex sheet. Two LEDs were placed behind the cheeks to illuminate red when the Pikaboy is powered on.

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A few additional features were added as well to heighten the Pokemon theme. A Pikachu sound is played when Pikaboy is turned on, thanks to the circuitry from an old Pikachu happy meal toy from McDonalds, and it also triggers when turning off. A Pokeball themed display box finalizes the project for a finishing touch.

For more pictures of the Pikaboy, check out his photo album on flickr. As of this article, this is the only project by e4i so far, but we anxiously await any more projects completed and shared by the creator.

One thought on “FEATURED: The Pikaboy, a Custom Pikachu Gameboy Color by e4i

  1. Wow just find your article today, read it and been blown by how accurate you relate all the process. More impressive is that it was published only one day after I posted it online and that I hadn’t explained in details the process at that time. You got it all right, my respect !
    When the project got related by “big” videogame websites times later they got everything wrong, haha.
    I hope there would be lot more people like you, who produce quality stuff !
    If I end up building another system you’ll be the first person informed !
    Merry Christmas and ahappy new year !

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