Cool stuff I’ve added to my video game collection over the duration of September 2015. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Vita collections!

Technically an August find to start off with but it got to me here at the beginning of September. During the last few days of August the Sony website had Playstation TV’s super cheap; $20 for just the console and $40 for the bundle which includes a Dual Shock 3 controller, an 8gb Memory Card, and a digital downloadable copy of Lego: The Movie: The Game (The Book: The Novel: The Ride: The Breakfast Cereal: The Experience: On Broadway: On Ice). I bought the bundle since of course the silly proprietary Playstation memory cards cost more than half that, and the PS3 controller the same. Despite not having full Vita Compatibility (I got my eye on that whitelist bypass) it is an enjoyable product. Next firesale I’ll probably pick up the base console model to remake it into a portable.

It was a good month to pick up a (somewhat) Vita capable machine as Target has been clearing out all of their Vita software stock at 30%. I heard about the sale by seeing MLB The Show 15 for $10 while looking for compatible games to play (unpictured, not much to say as it’s a sports game. I’m in the Minors and there’s a Rival team called the Biscuits and I’m a little sad they didn’t draft me instead) Over the next couple weekend I checked out a Target to see if they had marked the games down again to 70% as rumored but while not yet, I did find a Square Card Reader for $3 (will be good for MGC) and one last copy of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for $14.99 that I didn’t want to risk seeing if it would last a another discount. Goodwill had a nice CIB bigbox copy of SimCity 3000 for $3, and a CIB Missile Command for Playstation that also had an Army Men 3D CD inside for 99 cents.

The aforementioned Monday eventually commences, and Target clearance has hit 70%! Along with cheap Vita games, there was some older PSP tiles, and of course other console clearances. Freedom Wars, Killzone Mercenary, and Rayman Legends (which upon closer inspection isn’t “Rayman Origins” which would have worked on my PSTV, ugh) were $9 each, and Mortal Kombat was $6. For the PSP Little Big Planet was $4.16 (strange price) “as is” but it’s sealed and looks just like the other two PSP clearance games I bought so who knows, and Twisted Metal Head-On and Daxter were $3.

There were a lot of Vita Clearance games on clearance this month so the journey continued over the rest of the area stores trying to find some good titles for my collection, and even trade-bait for friends doing the same in their areas.

The Target World Tour 2015 continues as we found one that one wildly inconsistent in their clearance prices, to say the least. As far as can tell, all clearance prices are mandated by a central computer for all stores, yet things seemed off here. For example they had a Max Payne 3/GTA IV double pack for 360 for $7.98, yet they had the same thing for PS3 but for $27.98. Never mind that a non bundled Max Payne 3 itself was $13.98. MLB2K13 is three years old now and still $24.98, while a PS4 copy of last year’s MLB the Show 14 was less than that. Strange, but there was still some stuff to acquire.

For Vita, Lego Chima Laval’s Journey’s sticker said $9.98 but rang up $5.98, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus also $5.98. They had a lot of PSP Dual Packs there; Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow/Killzone: Liberation, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror/SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALS: Fireteam Bravo, and Secret Agent Clank/Daxter, but just picked up Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for $5.98 and a standalone copy of Killzone Liberation for $2.98, just on account of a closer look at the cover noticing an armored Grumpy Cat in the Background.

We start off this section with not games but a device for such; The Toshiba Encore Mini Windows 8.1 Tablet. I bought it specifically for using with my 3D Printer to keep my laptop from getting tied up during printing sessions, but it’s a pretty decent tablet so it will definitely find some other game related uses. Haven’t delved into emulators yet, but it does run Hatoful Boyfriend and Shovel Knight on Steam. Probably won’t risk installing any design programs (AutoCAD and etc.) but I may try out my copy of Photoshop CS4 Micro but will probably just stick to GIMP.

Two More Target clearance games in Unit 13 (no idea how I found this; it was just sitting in the plastic guard cases with a different games sticker at $19.99. Surprised nobody else bothered to price check from when they were on 70% off clearance in April) for $4.48 and Lego Batman 2 DC Superheros for $5.98. Goodwill yielded God of War for $3, Kingdom Hearts for $5, and Rally Cross 2 for $2, all CIB. A brand new (Danzig Era, as far as I’m concerned) Misfits shirt was also found in the Halloween Costume section for $3.99. Also of note were these disgusting corroded batteries that we most likely dumped out of a stereo or something of the sort. Definitely don’t want to see those battery contacts.

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A few Amazon Warehouse Pickups and a Goodwill run shown here, with a few good GBA pickups, with Mario Kart Super Circuit from Amazon Warehouse for $7.88, and Advance Wars 2.99, Capcom Classics Mini Mix $2.99, & Castlevania Circle of the Moon for $2.99 each, with Tetris DS ($4.99) and Sonic the Hedgehog Game Gear ($1.99) rounding out the Goodwill finds. Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection $13.48 another Amazon Warehouse purchase at $13.48 in “like new” came sealed, but I’m almost positive it’s a reseal for as it feels rather flimsy. Doesn’t matter since it has rightfully been opened for many Shadow of the Colossus playthroughs.

A Target care package way up North Wisconsin emerges for the last Vita pickups on the Month. Need for Speed Most Wanted, Batman Arkham Orgins Blackgate, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 were found at $9.98 each, which was inevitably higher than the $5.98 listed at other Targets nationwide, but when said games aren’t anywhere near you in a 200 mile radius it’s worth the extra (still very fair) price.

Pretty productive month for an aspiring Vita Collection overall, I’d say. Picked the Perfect (but some might say worst because it’s essentially all over) time to get into the console too with the Target 70% clearances and the PSTV whitelist bypass exploit just released, which works like a charm! Played some Mortal Kombat, works great but I am unsure as to why Sub-Zero is also a Robot now.

And with that brings in the close of September. We’ll see what ghastly collecting adventures I find myself into next time in the October Collection Pickup Edition.

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