Will the Groundhog see his shadow or just more thrift finds?

Instead of just using the site as a image host with all the thrift pickup photos hidden in a draft, Thus begins the monthly segment of Thrift Store adventures, beginning with this month’s February Edition. A lot of good deals this month, so what did we add to the collection?

First off is a Superslim PS3 that was $75 from Cowboom. It came in excellent condition, still having the plastic coverings over all of glossy parts. Came with all the hookups of course, but didn’t include them in picture. The only downside was that is the 12GB flash memory model, but the HDD is super easy to install and upgrade.

Not sure what the overall consensus is on the super-slim model but for me it is the best looking design out of all the PS-Triple models. Of course, what is a console pickup without any games to play? Fortunately Gamestop had a 3 for $10 sale soon after the console purchase, so I made sure to take plenty advantage of that.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, and Dynasty Warriors 6 for $3.33 each (on account of the 3 for $10 sale, all games were $3.33, unless noted otherwise). DW6 was unfortunately disc only, but it was the only other thing interesting at this particular Gamestop to make the requirement needed of three games.

Was able to fix my Dynasty Warriors 6 disc only problem at another Gamestop where they had a complete copy. Was going to try and swap out the disc only copy for something else but ran out of time before the sale ended, but no matter. Also found Fallout New Vegas and LA Noire, which was not included in the 3 for $10 deal but at just $5 it was still a good deal, compounded by Gamestop swapping the Greatest Hits Red Case for the Original release, which had more paperwork inside than the copy I bought up as well.

The first Lost Planet was $3.99 from Disc Replay, as I figured I should play that one first before Lost Planet 2. Also picked up Mass Effect 2 and 3, but what’s going on with Mass Effect 1 not getting a physical release on PS3? Guess I’ll wait for a PSN deal on ME:1 or the Trilogy before I play these, but seems kind of ridiculous though especially for a game like Mass Effect. Almost defeats the purpose really.

Motorstorm $1 was also not part of the 3 for $10, for good reason as it was just $1, which I couldn’t say no to. Nail’d, which I don’t think was very well received but for $3 and change I thought it was pretty fun. Lots of crazy explosions and crashes. Ratchet and Clank All4One was also acquired.

Uncharted Collection. Couldn’t find the first one so like Lost Planet I bought it elsewhere for $3.99. Gamestop swapped my Uncharted 2 copy, again in my favor for the Game of the Year edition with more paperwork inserts, but unfortunately a Greatest Hits case but not that big of a deal. Uncharted 3 is also the Game of the Year Edition; hopefully the bonus content is on the disc itself and not exclusive, one-use codes as I’m sure they’d be long gone by now, if so.

A separate trip to Goodwill yielded 2 Sealed Xbox 360 copes of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition at $2.99 each. They had a big stack of several copies (10+), so it was probably leftover Target Clearance Overstock. Bought two; one to play and possibly one to trade.

…and the final pickup of the month is the Tatsunoko vs Capcom Wii Arcade Stick, from Goodwill for $20. Seems to work great except for what I assume are supposed to be LEDs in the upperleft corner, which do not turn on. Probably an easy fix, but I probably won’t do so because upon inspection after opening it I’m sure I’ll want to cram the entire Wii into the arcade stick case. Would be a fun project but too many things on the backburner right now to go down that rabbit hole. The stick didn’t seem to be compatible with Metal Slug Anthology either so that’s kind of a downer.

Thus ends the pickups of February. Stay tuned for next month as the cold weather starts to thaw and hopefully so do the pickups.

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