Ghosts of Portables Past: The Unghostening

Do regrets of neglected projects still haunt the you to core of your very soul? Does your workbench wail in vain for all eternity waiting for a new project? Search the depths of your Toolbox to gather Something of the Thread, Something of the Head, Something of the Body, and Something of the Dead for a Soldering Iron voodoo doll to participate in the Second Annual Ghosts of Portables Past Event, hosted this year at the Bitfixgaming Community!


The Ghosts of Portables Past Event is back for the second consecutive year and as it is again unfair to just let the undead to have all the fun, for the entire month our ghastly festivities are extended for the entire Modding Community thanks to the Event being hosted this time around at the Bitfix Gaming Commuity Forums! From October 1-31, you can participate Reincarnation Black Magic by starting back up and continuing an old project to bring it “back from the dead” in the time that is most festive. If you would like to participate in the Ghosts of Portables Past Event, you can do so by adhering to the following:


The Project you wish to continue must be at least a year old from it’s original worklog creation date, with at least four months elapsed from the last update.

A Worklog showing the original creation date of the project and continuing updates should be available, posted at any site. If your worklog was posted on the defunct Bacman forum, we have full backups to confirm the original project details. You need not to worry about dead pictures, this is just a qualifier for the project dates.

The new worklog must be posted on the Bitfix Forums in their Works in Progress section and all new updates must include a note stating your username, noting the Ghost of Portables Past, and featuring the Secret Code Word of WITCHES GET STITCHES in all picture updates.

For the first post, the project name, old worklog link, starting date, and last update should be listed. A brief summary of the project so far (to the best of your ability if old pictures are lost) of where you left off and why should be in the first post, with the continuation of the project starting on post 2.

Project completion date to be between October 1st thru October 31st 2015 11:59 Central Time to qualify.


If you finish your project, a special Ghosts of Portables Past Featured Article will be featured on the site, a random game and/or item for the portable you completed will be sent to you (International competitors may need to help in the cost of shipping depending on the location), and a special Ghosts of Portables Past Badge will be give to you on the Bitfix forums.
End your Worklog before your Worklog ends you!

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