Stop by the Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend, as in the Benheck Experience area the AV mods featured in my article right here will be available for purchase at the Midwest Gaming Classic this April 12th and 13th! This mod is actually pretty easy to build yourself, but I’ve gone and made it even easier by providing a pre-wired and assembled kits, with step by step directions on how to install the board in your NES yourself. Not feeling that adventurous? Bring your NES2 to the show where we will also be doing live installations!

Price for the basic kit will be $20.00, or $40.00 for the kit installed into your NES. Add a power LED for only $5.00 more! We will be accepting cash and credit/debit at the show! See you there!

Update April 14: Thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth and checked out the NES2 A/V Mod display at the convention! We will be back next year with more live mods and kits. For those that inquired about mail-order commissions, we will be working on making that a possibility in the near future.

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