After success with his first Gamecube portable, the vacuum formed Pixie Cube, RedmagnusX classes up his second Gamecube portable by still using essentially the same footprint design but this time uses his new 3D Printer to make a case for the printer’s inaugural first project.


– 5.6″ 4:3 480p Dalian LCD
– Custom 7.4v LIon 6800mah Battery
– Component AV out Via Custom Cable
– Custom 4 player controller port adapter
– Dual Tact L & R Buttons for full range
– Wiikey Fusion flashed with Swiss
– Full Range Analog sticks
– Original C Stick and Buttons
– AlmostWTF? Cut Rev.B board on IPL 1.1
– IBM Thinkpad Heatsink at 3.3v
– 3d Printed case at dimensions of 195mm(L)x114mm(W)x40mm(D)

The 3D Printed case was created in AutoCAD, taking care to craft screwposts into the design for ease of mounting components and attaching the case halves together. Small radii round off the corners to prevent sharp edges when holding the portable. All the necessary cutouts were added to the bottom of the case for the components, switches, and cables needed to run the Wiikey Fusion, Swiss, and external adapter ports. Custom Dual tacts were created for the L & R buttons with a cannibalized push button switch, housing the two tacts for short and long presses. A custom fan vent modeled after the Gamecube logo is featured on the back on the portable.

As with many/all Gamecube portables these days, the disc drive was removed to save space (and battery life) and uses the popular Wiikey Fusion disc drive replacement, running Swiss 0.3 software on SD Gecko in it’s absence.

Just one picture of the inside, but there is plenty to see with definitely a lot going on. A tight fit for sure, but everything is well thought out and placed accordingly in each case side, using the 3d printed screw posts to keep everything securely in place.

For more of Redmagnus’ work, you can check out his first Gamecube Portable, the aforementioned Pixie Cube, the Creamsicle Cube, and a Wii U Laptop. No YouTube channel at the moment, but is allegedly coming soon, and will update this post when available.

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