Back in 2013, modder Lyberty5 created a pair of SNES over the ear headphones, using the composition of the controller aspects for the ear mounts. 2 years later, he revisited the concept to create another set if the same design, this time using a wireless bluetooth connection and functional controller buttons.

Wired Headphones (2013)

Purely a cosmetic mod as the dpad and buttons are nonfunctional. The controller pieces were molded, sanded, and dremeled to size to fit to size on the headphones. Not a lot of pictures of the guts and progress of the build (which we always love to see), but thankfully the YouTube video (attached) shows off a time-lapsed creation of the entire project in a tutorial-like fashion.

Bluetooth Headphones (2015)

The project was refreshed in 2015, upgrading the original design elements with a wireless bluetooth module and working abxy face buttons, for volume and previous/skip track respectively. Built using the same construction methods as before using epoxy, scrap polystyrene sheets, spot putty and hours of sanding; accompanied again with another video tutorial voiced by the dulcet tones of Ricepirate.

Along with the SNES Headphones, Lyberty5 has created more console mods and portables, and also does a youtube show modding series featuring tutorials and different project builds that you can see here.

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