Modeled after the line of case designs of RedmagusX’s Gamecube Portables
(one of which we covered earlier here), modder Protobug 3D Printed the case out of PLA at his School to create his second Gamecube Portable, deemed the ProtoCube V2.

-3D Printed PLA case
-5 inch TFT 16:9 screen
-Wasp drive replacement & SDgecko
-Full press + “click” L & R triggers
-Front Z Button
-Original GC controller layout
-Player 2 port
-1 hour of gameplay on batteries

The case models were designed in Solidworks, using the same footprint as the Gamecube portables by RedmagnusX. The case halves, dpad and L & R buttons were 3D Printed using PLA. The analog stick and A, B, X & Y are from the original controller, using Fluxedo’s Template to achieve the correct face button layout.

The case was printed using PLA (a soy-based biodegradable filament) on the BCN3D+ 3D Printer, at about 10 hours for the front and about 8 for the back. A dark forest green filament was used on the front and red on the back to achieve the two-tone color scheme. Screw wells, posts, spacers and chambers were made to house and secure all the various parts such as the screen, controller boards, speakers, fans, and motherboards.


For more information on the Protocube V2 you can view the worklog here, and some of his other projects via Modretro. Youtube Video is coming soon and will be added in when available.

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