FEATURED: The N-terprise 64, N64 Console Mod by Monkeynaut

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Not a 2spooky4u branded featured this month, but one of remembrance. Back in 2011, Bacman forum modder Monkeynaut created the N-terprise 64, a Tabletop Arcade style console mod using a Bambino Space Laser Fight toy as a base. Most of the information on this portable has been lost to time, so we have pieced together what we can find to give recognition to this unique Nintendo 64 mod.


-Case from Space Laser Fight toy
-5″ PSone Screen w/antiglare mod
-Internal Player 1 controller
-4 controller ports
-Switch to cycle Player 1 control schemes
-Rear Exhaust 40mm fan
-2x li-on battery packs at 5200Mah
-Switch to cycle battery & wall power

The case was frankencased together from an old Bambino Space Laser Fight toy, incorporating in different parts of the N64 design as well. Being more in the fashion of a Bartop Arcade design setup than a portable, the fixed angled screen provides the perfect viewing angle when using the built-in controls. A switch was added to cycle between using the built-in controls or the controller ports in the front. Another switch was added to cycle between battery and wall power. It is unknown if there is an A/V out port, which would benefit from it’s tabletop design and additional controller ports.

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Not a lot of information is available on the N-terprise 64, as the project was posted on the now-defunct Bacteria forums, wherein he only had two posts anyway. Quite a shame really as this is an admirable, different kind of console mod that we’d love to see more of, either from Monkeynaut returning to the hobby or from the community as a whole.

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