FEATURED: PiSP Pocket, a Raspberry Pi inside a Gameboy Pocket by theluthier

Raspberry Pi 3 portable in a Gameboy Pocket!

After binge watching some episodes of The Benheck Show (as one does), Theluthier contracted the modding bug and decided to delve into his first project, a Raspberry Pi 3 portable crammed inside a Gameboy Pocket. Based off of this photoshopped PSP Concept, this is one of the cleanest raspberry pi mods we’ve seen to date, especially for one’s first project.


-Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
-2.2″ SPI TFT display
-32 GB microSD storage
-3000 mAh battery with Powerboost 1000c
-3-4 hours of battery life
-Battery status indicator circuit
-1 fullsized USB port
-2 micro USB ports (one for charging)
-Original GBP power switch & buttons
-Attitional L1, L2, R1, R2, X, Y buttons to match
-2 PSP analog sticks
-2 mono speakers

Re-purposing retro game console cases have been a popular case since the beginning of Raspberry Pi projects, such as the NES for Retropie Consoles and the Gameboy for Pi portables. Theluthier blew that trope out of the water by fitting a Raspberry Pi 3 and all the necessary components inside the Gameboy Pocket. We were meaning to see if a Pi Zero would fit inside the Gameboy Pocket for a project like this, so to use the larger Raspberry Pi 3 is definitely a lauded accomplishment.

Not accounting for the extra buttons and analog sticks in the front of the portable, theluthier was able to keep the case essentially stock. To gain extra room, a gameboy cartridge was permanently affixed into the area it normally sits, with full size USB ports coming out the sides of the cart and dual shoulder buttons were placed on the side of the case instead of the back. Add in the micro usb port for charging where the link cable extension port was, and slide in the micro sd card under where old battery compartment (wherein a lipoly battery was added and relocated to a different area) and you’re good to go for some Raspberry Pi action on the go.

The internal pictures of the PiSP Pocket’s guts really drive home how impressive of a mod this is. Part placement really is a science, keeping the boards safe from shorting and wire bloat down to a minimum. Space is almost always at a premium and such is magnified in builds like this. Use too much wire or if some of the components on a motherboard are too tall, the case will not close, or worse. Always a sight to see everything in it’s place to show that it’s just as beautiful inside as it is on the outside.

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You can see more information on the PiSP Pocket in his writeup on the Bitfix Gaming Community Forums. Theluthier is a digital artist/3D modeler by trade, and this is his first portable/modding project. We hope to see lots more hardware projects from him in the future.

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