Ghosts(busters) of Portables Past III: Cross the Streams

The Ghosts of Portables Past is back for the third year, and once again will be hosted on the Bitfix gaming forums.

As a means to clear out our workspace desks, storage boxes, and project logs, we dedicate the entire month of October to work on and finish older, neglected, or defunct projects. Will we finish a project in time? Third time could be the charm. If you have an old project you can join in to our unholy witchcraft as well.


Want to participate in this year’s Ghosts of Portables Past Event? ANY electronic video game related project is welcome, provided it was started and hasn’t been worked on for a while. Here are the specific details on what projects qualify for entry.

-Projects must be at least 1 year old from starting date.
-At least 4 months elapsed from Last Update.
-Project completed between October 1st-31st 2016 11:59 (CT).
-A worklog thread of previous work available, from any website.
-New Worklog must be posted on the Bitfix forums.
-The phrase OCTOROKTOBER shown in all new photos.


Because the time frame for Ghosts is short at just one month, this is considered more of an Event than a full on Contest. While that is not enough time to complete an entire video game related project, it will hopefully be enough time to finish an existing one.

Upon project completion, in honor of your achievement you will be crowned the Spook de Jour with a your own special Featured Article on the site and a (decent) game for the console of the project completed. Our best interest will be put forth to make sure the game isn’t garbage, but don’t expect Earthbound or anything. Any International Contestants outside of the USA may need to help with shipping costs, depending on location. Canada should be fine.

The bustle in a house
The morning after death
Is solemnest of industries
Enacted upon earth.
The sweeping up the heart
And putting love away
We shall not want to use again
Until eternity.

The Bustle In A HouseEmily Dickinson

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