FEATURED: Wesk’s Metroid Themed Aran Wii Portable

Prepare for Another Return to Zebes with Wesk’s Wii Portable


-2x Vibration motors for rumble
-Bluetooth audio transmitter
-4x 3500 mAh batteries (approx 4-5 hours battery life)
-Gmans Wii PMS and USB-C board
-Aurelios GC+ 1.0 controller board
-5-way tact/Joystick for screen and volume control
-5″ TN Screen
-Gloss Polarizer for more vibrant screen
-Painted and clear coated 3D Printed PLA case

While conceptualizing a design for his first Portable, Wesk was looking for something simplistic for printing and assembly, while implementing necessary grips for comfort and keeping the overall design sleek.

With basic elements in place, the overall layout took a form not unlike the ones seen on Samus’ Spaceships. The Familiar Metroid color palette of Red, Orange, and Neon Green was chosen to further match the Ships and
Power Suit, and the Aran Theme was achieved.

It actually stemmed from the fact that I wanted grips but still wanted it to look sleek, so after a few different prototype designs I landed on the basic design of one you see. At this point it still didn’t have a name/theme. Without even thinking much about it as I worked on it it started to remind me of the lines and angles on Samus’s ship and power suit. -Wesk

A simple design, but a feature barren portable it is not! Wanting to include features that other portables commonly omit, Wesk has included the needed motors to keep the Rumble support, and retained the bluetooth modules needed on Bluetooth Functionality for external speakers or controllers. A Five-Way Tact Switch (each direction and center click) was used in place of several singular buttons for all screen menu options and features.

You can find out more information about the Aran Wii Portable with his Completed Build Post on Bitbuilt.

Want to make your own Aran Portable? Damn right ya do! Wesk plans to release the stl files for the case in the coming weeks, after the design has been battle tested and any needed revisions are assessed. This is a great build, especially for one’s first portable, and we can’t wait to see more from Wesk in the future.

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