Dr. Brobotnik’s Mean Meme Machine

Dr. Brobotnik’s Mean Meme Machine, also known as Dr. Brobotnik and his bloody Meme Machine u Wot m8 in Europe, is a puzzle game developed by Compile and released in 1993 by Sega for the Sega Genesis, and 1994 for the Mega Drive, Sega Game Gear and Sega Mustard Race System. It is the Western version of the Broyo Broyo franchise, and the first Broyo Broyo game to be released in the West. The game replaces Broyo Broyo’s characters with characters from the Sanic franchise, It is also one of a few titles in the Sanic Series to not feature the hedgehog himself, because he was too busy vaping. He’s also a vegan.


Dr. Brobotnik has hatched a plan to ensure that no fun is ever to be had on the internet again. To do this, he terrorizes the local thrift shops, where its trendy to get ironic shirts and band shirts that your dad didn’t even care for during the era, and stuffs them into a giant meme-izing machine called the Mean Meme-Reposting Machine to turn them into memes for his minion army (but not those kinda minions, he left those for all the 40 year old soccer moms). Across Memeville, all the good thrift finds disappear and are sent into the Meme Machine. The player sets off on a daring adventure to defeat Brobotnik’s minions and stop Brobotnik.


Some notable foes:

Frankly: the overly-attached Girlfriend-Bot,
who likes to smile.

Coconut: better watch out when this monkey is chargin’ up his las-SHOOOOOOOP DA WOOOOOOP

Cagey Sprocket: You don’t say?! In almost every game so no surprise.
Hold onto your Declarations.

icanhazGrounder: a drilling machine who works
for cheezburgers and grammar lessons.

Phillip J. Scratch: Not sure if actual content,
or just posts to look like a competent website.

Dogebot: Much Puzzle, Very Game, Wow.

Dr. Brobotnik: saw and got tired of your favorite meme before you even heard about it.

…and many more, across Over 9000 levels.

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