A unique twist on an old-style N64p design.

Back in 2016 Vos MOD’s he sought out to make a case using vacuum forming and frankencasing methods for his second N64 Portable. With this being his first foray into vacuum forming the results, in fairness, were less than spectacular and the case even had to be epoxied shut. This would not do, and the case was inevitably scrapped. While bad for morale, to be sure, everything definitely worked out for the best in the long run with his new professionally 3D Printed case. This is one of our favorite N64 Portables, with a tribute to earlier times of the Portable N64 Era shown in the design of the case.


-Full N64 controls (Modern Analog Stick)
-Integrated speaker w/ audio amp and volume control
-Integrated expansion pack
-2500 mAh 7.4v battery w/Charge & Play
-3.5″ Composite LCD
-Custom designed 3D printed case
-Breakout box for 4 external controllers & video out
-Custom heatsink

With it’s unique shape, offbeat design, novel contours, and brightly colored case, one could argue that this design looks more like a toy when compared to some of the more professional looking portables at the time, but we find that all of said stylings make it to be one of it’s strong points. It’s quirky, it’s different, and that’s what makes it great.


During 2012 there was a boom in the N64 Portablizing space thanks to The Late Great Ashen’s board bending discovery. This method allowed for a more reliable trim when compared to wiring directly to the RCP chip. Several portables during this era adopted said method, and Vos MOD’s N64p is the perfect compliment to that generation’s builds, as sort of a Spiritual Successor.

You can find more information about the N64c in his completed build thread and his updated worklog.
Other works by Vos Mod include the N64-2Go. Let’s hope for more funkiness soon to come.

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