FEATURED: Evil Nod’s Jaguar Portables

Triple the 64 bits (or however you want to count it)

There haven’t been a lot of Atari Jaguar Portables made. By our count, there have been five Portable Jaguars, and Evil Nod has made three of them. Unfortunately, most of the pictures regarding these portables have been lost to time with the server deletions of imageshack, tinypic, and photobucket, et al. Since we can’t extensively cover one of them for this reason, let’s take a look at all three of them the best we can.


Evil Nod’s first Jaguar Portable was made in 2009, with a case made from MDF Wood and powered by a battery salvaged from a Portable DVD player. Also of note is the use of a Hip Gear Screen, a staple in the modding community until PSOne Screens and later, Car Backup TFT Screens became readily available. The cart slot has also been relocated with the unenviable task of rewiring the 104(!) pin connector, so 208 solder joints in total. Ouch!


Made in 2011 as a commission for another ModdedbyBacteria forum member, Evil Nod’s second Jaguar portable is reminiscent of the first model model with a few notable improvements. A plastic shell was opted over the MDF wood used in the first, with the controller parts frankencased into place. Not only was the PSOne Screen used for this build, it was also RGB Modded for the best possible picture.

This model received the most coverage from the various tech newsblogs, including The Verge, Engadget, and Hackaday, respectively.


Evil Nod’s Third Jaguar Portable has an improved, more rounded design compared to that of the first two portables, and the case finished with a carbon fiber shell and red accents to mimic the Jaguar “Claw Swipe” that is seen on much of the Jaguar merchandise. This is the thinnest portable of the three, achieved by having the cart slot and battery in separate, smaller enclosures.

What really sets this unit apart however was his creation of a retail style packaging, complete with cardboard inserts and baggies for each accessory included. The overall attention to detail is very impressive and outer boxes are something not usually seen in most projects.

Evil Nod has made quite a few portables in his time, including the first ever Sega Saturn Portable and even some less obscure consoles such as the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and PS One, for good measure. While he hasn’t been active in the community for a while, we hope to see Evil Nod return someday.

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