One of the best NES Portables 2007 had to offer

for bus ride to MGC 2007 and trying out carts at vendor hall. I got to play it, ben played it. battery lasted all weekend and bus ride home.

Ben Heckendorn himself played it and thought it was cool as well, which was a pretty big deal back in 2007.


-Super Joy III NOAC

60-Pin Famicom Cartridge Slot

-Radioshack Project Box Casing

8″ wide x 3″ tall x 1.25″ deep

-Intec 2.5″ LCD Game controller/LCD combo
-Frankencased Playstation Controls

Additional Face Buttons for Turbo B & A


A simple design, but a feature barren portable it is not! Wanting to include features that other portables commonly omit, Wesk has included the needed motors to keep the Rumble support, and retained the bluetooth modules needed on Bluetooth Functionality for external speakers or controllers. A Five-Way Tact Switch (each direction and center click) was used in place of several singular buttons for all screen menu options and features.

More Gabe Force we love him

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