The Good Gross, the Bad, and the Ugly of Video game Thrifting.

It’s no secret that thrift stores can be a bountiful connection for the Retro Collector, be it Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army, Value Village, and the like. While you can find some pretty neat stuff over time, you usually have to wade though some questionable items to find something nice. This being a technology based website most of the items featured in this series will be of that nature; broken lamps, ugly furniture, and used home ovulation kits notwithstanding.

First up is this dirty Super Nintendo that I rescued from Goodwill a couple years back, as you can tell from the price sticker. Despite how awfully yellowed and dirty it was, the case wasn’t cracked in any place. I couldn’t leave it there lonely on the goodwill shelf to rot so it was acquired for the chance at a better life. Interestingly enough it works a lot better than a few other pristine Super Nintendos that I own/have come across along the way. This was picked up was before the Retr0bright Phenomenon (or at least before I knew about it) so my plan originally was to repaint the case, or transplant the motherboard into a Super Famicom/PAL Snes case, which I feel to be the better design. Ultimately, the guts were used for a “Super” NES casemod, which will be featured on the site soon. I still have the yellowed out case parts as well, so maybe a Retr0brite overview and demonstration will happen eventually.

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