Have an old project kicking around that is haunting both you and your workbench? Finish it off with a silver solder bullet directly into it’s heart and participate in our Month Long Ghosts of Portables Past event!

What better way to celebrate the season by paying tribute to the fallen by avoiding the same fate on some of our abandoned, neglected, or on hiatus projects to be brought back from the dead. As it is unfair to just let the undead to have all the fun, for the entire month our ghastly festivities are extended for the entire Modding community with our Ghosts of Portables Past Event! If you have an old project kicking around, why not incant a Witches Brew renewal spell for an old project and finish it by the end of the month to have it featured in our special Ghosts of Portables Past section. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a portable, so any video game project is welcome as long as is it electronic in nature (no papercraft or Master Sword Blacksmithing this time around, sorry).

If you would like to participate in our Ghosts of Portables Past event, you can do so by adhering to the following:

-Projects should be at leasta year old from it’s original worklog creation date, with at least a month elapsed from the last update.
-A Worklog showing the original creation date of the project and continuing updates should be available, posted at any site.
-Project completion date to be between October 1st thru October 31st 2014 to qualify.
-Project must be entirely yours; any outsourced commission work of any part we will still cover, but will be ineligible for prizes (if applicable).


Email us at submissions@portablesofdoom.org with the subject Ghosts of Portables Past and include links to your worklog, finished news post (with pictures) and/or a Youtube video showing general information and documentation of your project. We will post a special featured article in our Ghosts of Portables Past section to display with our and other user submitted entries.


While this is being structured as an event, we would love to have enough submissions for it be a contest. If we receive 8+ entries by October 31, 2014 we will have a contest with project-specific prizes to be handed out to the top 2 or 3 of the grooviest ghoolies. Contest ranking, prizes, and format TBD.

End your worklog before the worklog ends you!

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