The Ghosts of Portables Past returns from the Great Beyond for the Fourth Annual Halloween Event! Every year the Ghosts of Portables Past Event partners with a modding community to haunt their user-base and their shelved/defunct projects. This year we gather the spirits and bring our vex to the members of the BitBuilt Modding Community!
Have a project that you would like to finish, but are wondering about eligibility? Tread carefully as we delve deeper into the haunted night.
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The project which we will be working on for this year’s Ghost of Portables Past is the 80′s NEStop, an NES portable in a laptop design, with the intent of having it look like the old Sony TV I used to play it on growing up. Started in 2011 and last worked on in March of 2014, it is more than time to try and finish this project up. This worklog will be abbreviated showing the highlights of this month’s progress; a more in-depth worklog (and the worklogs of other GHOSTS projects from other contestants) can be found on the Bitfix Forums.
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Do regrets of neglected projects still haunt the you to core of your very soul? Does your workbench wail in vain for all eternity waiting for a new project? Search the depths of your Toolbox to gather Something of the Thread, Something of the Head, Something of the Body, and Something of the Dead for a Soldering Iron voodoo doll to participate in the Second Annual Ghosts of Portables Past Event, hosted this year at the Bitfixgaming Community!
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