The Ghosts of Portables Past returns from the Great Beyond for the Fourth Annual Halloween Event! Every year the Ghosts of Portables Past Event partners with a modding community to haunt their user-base and their shelved/defunct projects. This year we gather the spirits and bring our vex to the members of the BitBuilt Modding Community!
Have a project that you would like to finish, but are wondering about eligibility? Tread carefully as we delve deeper into the haunted night.
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Following in the footsteps of the P-NES Mark I, II, and IIa, the Mark III was designed and built in 2011 yet decommissioned shortly after. Revived and rebuilt in 2014 for display at Midwest Gaming Classic 2014, this Portable Nintendo Entertainment System has been reborn as the pNES MARK III-S!
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Thats right Boys and Girls, Toploader NES A/V mods! Get all the benefits of the NES-101 (It actually works when you put a game in!) with none of the drawbacks! Sporting a sleek stylish 3.5mm Phono Jack for composite video output and mono sound, and now with 100% more power LED. More info on the mod and some pretty pictures after the jump.
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