At the Midwest Gaming Classic 2015, the Event has gotten so big that the Vendors area has migrated into it’s own large space, outside of the hotel inside a “temporary structure” (don’t call it a tent!). Bands, air hockey tables, board games, and more converged upon lots of different vendors. items, and deals to be found and had, so much so that a special April Collection: MGC Edition Recap was warranted. Onward, we traverse, into the marketplace.
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It’s no secret that thrift stores can be a bountiful connection for the Retro Collector, be it Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army, Value Village, and the like. While you can find some pretty neat stuff over time, you usually have to wade though some questionable items to find something nice. This being a technology based website most of the items featured in this series will be of that nature; broken lamps, ugly furniture, and used home ovulation kits notwithstanding. Read More →